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Joint Council

The ten member council represents both congregations, and meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month, following the worship service.

At that time they review and discuss the needs of the parish and community.



Altar Guild

As we move through the church year beginning with Advent then Christmas and into Epiphany followed by Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, then into the Day of Pentecost and Season of Pentecost. The Altar Guild provides the change of hangings and symbols. candles, chalice, paten, and altar linens are lovingly cared for and the Lordís table is set for Holy Communion.



Worship & Music Committee

Meets seasonally on Thursday 10:00 am

in the Fellowship Hall

Anyone interested in serving on this committee is encouraged to attend the meeting.

Bible Study--- Meets in the Fellowship Hall

Sunday morning at 8:30


Wednesday evening at 5p.m. in the Fellowship Hall

with a light supper

Thursday afternoon at 1:00


For Special Occasions